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335 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Ivor Stodolsky , White Market Podcast 335 days ago
"Our current system of galleries, collectors and even public museums is not designed for a commons in art." - Europeana is a EU-funded institution that works towards the "commoning" of artworks, artefacts and cultural heritage at a European level. They provide legal advice and work closely with cultural institutions to make their collections available online. They are probably one of the strongest alliesfor institutions that want to make their collections commons.
Ivor S
  • Hi Sophie Jerram  I think I'll start a Loomio thread for Cultural Commons issues.
Culture & the Commons statement 
ECF and the members of Connected Action for the Commons network have just edited the following statement:  https://static1.squarespace.com/static/526e5978e4b0b83086a1fede/t/5820647029687f6b1d7c431b/1478517889350/Culture_+and_the_Commons_006_12pag.pdf
Also my PhD research (from University of Copenhagen and Victoria University Wellngton) is on the inscription of commons in artistic practice and I would like to create a reference group as I assemble examples (as well as analyse our own at www.lettingspace.org.nz) - if you would be interested in being part of this reference (with acknowledgment is given to the group) I would be keen to hear from you.
360 days ago
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Should we make a centralized place to gather all of these resources? And to gather the news from the different commons structures?

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