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174 days ago
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  • Summary
During the whole month of February 2017, we released and advertised five videos realized during the ECA in Brussels in November 2016. 
We used various channels: 
  • the ECA website, You tube and twitter account, 
  • the P2P Foundation blog, You Tube, FB and Twitter accounts
  • the European Alternatives FB
  • the ECF FB.
The videos were released one by one each Wednesday on all platforms. This was tagged as "Wednesday Commonsday". 
Using this network and a coordinated action, we reached thousands of people on various platforms, and got 100+ more followers on Twitter. Our audience is 55-45% Male-Female and mostly interested in Politics, business, science and tech news.
This network is an operational and efficient way to get attention on ECA activities and grow the network. 
196 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Cecile Blanchet 196 days ago
There were five #WednesdayCommonsday
  • All + Introduction ECA video - Feb. 01
  • Food commons - Feb. 08
  • City commons - Feb. 15
  • Energy commons - Feb. 22
  • Diem real talk - Mar. 01
Here are the links to the Hackpads with information regarding these videos (summary, quotes, links, pictures)
217 days ago
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  • Summary to accompany the video
243 days ago
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Participants: Ann Marie, Maia, Nicole, Lucas and Cecile Blanchet 
243 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Cecile Blanchet 243 days ago
Summary of discussion on 2017/01/20: Hackpad 
260 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Sunna Kovanen 260 days ago
The focus of the session in parliament on November 16 is to present and discuss commons-based policy proposals. We foresee proposals for maximum 10 issue areas (access to land, co-production of energy, internet as a commons, etc.).
276 days ago
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Urgency to fund the Commons!

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