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50 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Cecile Blanchet 50 days ago
There were five #WednesdayCommonsday
  • All + Introduction ECA video - Feb. 01
  • Food commons - Feb. 08
  • City commons - Feb. 15
  • Energy commons - Feb. 22
  • Diem real talk - Mar. 01
Here are the links to the Hackpads with information regarding these videos (summary, quotes, links, pictures)

3 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Nicole 3 days ago
Nicole undefined Assembly (ECA in Athens 1)
1. Open Assembly: “What Economy for the Commons?” - Exploring convergence between SSE and commons.
We will hold an 2-hour session of short panel and then open discussion to explore our mutual understanding of how the commons and social and solidarity economy relate to each other. It is also an opportunity to discover the ECA, make new introductions, and connect with local commoners. 
2 panels
Who is participating
Shared resources
25 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Nicole 25 days ago
Urban commons Johannes Eule, David Gabriel, Frederic Sultan https://europeancommonsassembly.hackpad.com/Untitled-SQJ1iJrcOLp
Territory & natural resources Sergio Couto Christiaan   Fruneaux https://europeancommonsassembly.hackpad.com/TerritorialNatural-Commons-wJJBqj0UMVM https://europeancommonsassembly.hackpad.com/Territories-of-Commons-in-Europe-pivotal-for-food-production-nature-stewardship-heritage-maintenance-and-climate-mitigation-gJy4MzWpf4w
Financing the commons Ruby van der Wekken Daniela Festa https://europeancommonsassembly.hackpad.com/Financing-the-Commons#Financing-the-Commons
Participation, inclusion & solidarity economy Ruby, Jonas, Mona, Ana Margarida Fred https://europeancommonsassembly.hackpad.com/Commons-Social-and-Solidarity-Economy-OCkfWR3GCSL
Communicating the commons Cecile Blanchet, Lucas, Maia, Stacco, Ann Marie, Nicole, Sophie, Marta, Rute Silke https://europeancommonsassembly.hackpad.com/Communication-plan-to-follow-up-on-ECA-a0ZIAhwMap7 External Communications Subgroup
Education for the commons Natalia, Laura Aufrere https://europeancommonsassembly.hackpad.com/Democracy-GCppROMojC5 (political/institutional dimension)
Work Social Protection Sarah de Heusch, Francine Mestrum, X Bart Cosijn
Chat Room Lasse, Kimmo, Julien Jelle de Graaf
EP Platfom*** There was a Nov 17 group on Interacting with Politicians so connections should be made Sophie Bloemen, David H, Dominique
Culture and Art and Commons Cecile, Ina Studentroth, Andrew Gryf Patterson, Lea
Diem 25 liasion Silke Helfrich, Lorenzo Marsili, Agniezska, Andrew Paterson Lea's report (internal) https://www.loomio.org/d/gDPuOcEC/commoners-diem25
Julien Lecaille
Energy Commons Nicole, Cecile,  thomas wragg https://europeancommonsassembly.hackpad.com/Energy-Commons-fwj0t7zUgFA
27 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Cecile Blanchet 27 days ago
Social Media Activity (Stats)
Cecile B
  • Summary
During the whole month of February 2017, we released and advertised five videos realized during the ECA in Brussels in November 2016. 
We used various channels: 
  • the ECA website, You tube and twitter account, 
  • the P2P Foundation blog, You Tube, FB and Twitter accounts
  • the European Alternatives FB
  • the ECF FB.
The videos were released one by one each Wednesday on all platforms. This was tagged as "Wednesday Commonsday". 
Using this network and a coordinated action, we reached thousands of people on various platforms, and got 100+ more followers on Twitter. Our audience is 55-45% Male-Female and mostly interested in Politics, business, science and tech news.
This network is an operational and efficient way to get attention on ECA activities and grow the network. 
  • Followers on twitter 
in January, the number of followers was ca. 315. End of March, the number of followers is 435.  (Figure below is a screen shot made in February).
  • Outreach 
well illustrated by the number of impressions obtained by our tweets during each Wednesday Commonsday  (screen shot in February, see below for next period):
  • Audience
Here is a screen shot made in March on our analytics tools in Twitter, that shows the interest and gender balance of our audience. 
  • From the P2P Foundation
  • From the European Alternatives
  • ECA Youtube
March 8, 2017
  • Twitter
February 2017 (summary)
March 8, 2017
February 17, 2017
February 03, 2017
January 2017
December 2016
November 2016
October 2016
September 2016
50 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Cecile Blanchet 50 days ago
Cecile B Summary material from ECA communication event (Feb. 2017)
There were five #WednesdayCommonsday
  • All + Introduction ECA video - Feb. 01
  • Food commons - Feb. 08
  • City commons - Feb. 15
  • Energy commons - Feb. 22
  • Diem real talk - Mar. 01
Here are the links to the Hackpads with information regarding these videos (summary, quotes, links, pictures)
Introduction video https://europeancommonsassembly.hackpad.com/Material-for-media-splash-Wed.-February-01-Working-document-mPoeVUqBsA5
Food commons https://europeancommonsassembly.hackpad.com/Material-for-Food-as-a-commons-XERbd1W6yfV
City commons https://europeancommonsassembly.hackpad.com/Material-for-Right-to-the-city-ahpUHgbGlwk
Energy commons https://europeancommonsassembly.hackpad.com/Material-for-Energy-Feb.-22-ZgCFtAIXwT4
DIEM Talk Real https://europeancommonsassembly.hackpad.com/Material-for-DIEM-25-March-1-TLfAVo6x6uZ
Twitter lists Twitter lists
Twitter activity Twitter Activity Stats
50 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Cecile Blanchet 50 days ago
Raw code for the pictures gallery (Flickr) from the ECA:
52 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Silke Helfrich 52 days ago
Version 0.1, March 4, 2017  
  • They can however claim that ideas or work “emerged from” the ECA, or identify as members or “part of” of the Assembly.     
Silke H
  • suggest to delete "non-hierarchical" and leave it with p2p or find some more innovative wording/ closer to reality. ; also wonder if we shd add "informal" ... an "informal p2p space for collaboration" meaning that there is no legal entity behind, not for the moment
3. We work through self-organized Assembly Groups that hold responsibility for carrying out initiatives, or "actions". 
  • All groups should inform, communicate and share their actions with the broader ECA.        
  • is the "should" needed?
  • At the beginning of an agreed-upon action they should clarify and document a mandate that describes and contextualizes the action and provides relevant information for the rest of the ECA.    
  • of an agreed upon action "within the Assembly  Group?" 
4.  We strive for consensus when making decisions and taking actions at all levels - individually, within Assembly Groups, and for the ECA at large. 
  • All initiatives and decisions should cohere with the following principled criteria: 
  • Be recorded "publicly" before executed i.e. on loomio or on the ECA mailing list - not in private email conversations
  • Minimize harm 
  • Enhance freedom – opens up more rather than closes possibilities for the Assembly 
  • I think that the first one is clear and practical enough, the others aren't yet, perhaps the last one could be: "document in an understandable way how it opens up more possibities for political action for the Assembly at large and contributes to the common goal - btw - I think, that there has to be a description of the common goal at the beginning, and this descriptions should be discussed/rediscussed with ECA at large
  • Another principle that comes to my mind is: "be open to contributions from ECA at large"  - simple, but necessary
  • Another one: Every Assembly Group is responsible for contributing to the common goal of ECA at large and in case problems arise, assumes this responsibility as Assembly group.
  • concerning the decision making principle, I think that the "consent" principle they apply in sociocracy is more robust than "striving for consensus" 
  • If adequately communicated and in line with the criteria, they can proceed unless someone explicitly objects.  
  • In case of objection, discussions should take place to try to resolve the issue. The issue should be formulated to the whole ECA via the mailing list; if email exchanges are insufficient then a call should be set. The conclusion of the talks should be sent to the list for reaction.  If there is no further objection, a decision can be adopted – if not another call can be arranged, or it should be considered that the issue should be dropped.
  • I object to e-mail exchanges and would suggest the following: "In case of objection, commons reflections shall take place to resolve the issue, which should be formulated to the whole ECA via e-mail list and documented on a distributed, open ECA plattform (f.i. Loomio, hmmm). If these reflections and debates are insufficient, a call or f2f meeting will be organized. ...."  - we need this double way - e-mail list and documentation on the plattform in order to enable everybody to follow the process at any time. 
  • Many sources of "boundaries" (not clear which is dominant): subscription to the commonswatchlist (careful, could include observers but not participants); loomio group (but could exclude technophobes)...
  • again. the problem is not "technophobia"; loomio is more meant to be a decision making tool and lacks a lot of features for a distributed, open discussion. Something DISCOURSE for instance is made for. 
Frédéric S
Silke H
  • yes, I like this beginning! I only would add "p2p". 
57 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Nicole , Silke Helfrich 57 days ago
  • Quotes
More commons for more democracy! Now! 
Silke H There won't be more democracy without more thriving commons. 
Members (98)
Ismaël SENE (SC) Daphne Büllesbach Simon Grant Nikolas Kichler Joe Jack Maïa Dereva Edurne Bagué Lucas Tello Pérez Stefan Tuschen José Manuel N. Azevedo marta White Market Podcast Anna Harris Antonis Triantafyllakis Mauro Elena De Nictolis Sabine chardonnet darmaillacq kkosmos@gmail.com fabian.schreiber@hnee.de kimmo.hokkanen@ehtaraha.fi

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